We are currently constructing our first permanent school building on the Light Stream property in Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.  Our contractors, along with Light Stream volunteers, have been working hard since last summer – through the Ebola Virus outbreak – to construct this beautiful new building to house Light Stream Academy’s 350+ students, teachers, and staff.

Our new building has 8 classrooms, staff offices, and indoor bathrooms (a luxury in Liberia!).  Check out some of the progress photos below!



LEAP funded Ebola prevention efforts to combat the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.  Thousand of Liberians were losing their lives due to this highly contagious disease.  Our team, led by David Fatorma, reached into the surrounding Pagos Island (Light Stream’s base) Community educating citizens about Ebola, how to employ safer hygiene methods, distributing bleach and plastic buckets for hand-washing and dish-washing, and handing out desperately needed basic food-stuffs to mitigate food shortages during the outbreak.

As of January 2015, we are excited to report that only one member of the Pagos Island Community contracted Ebola during the entire outbreak, and they survived! Check out some of the photos of the team in action below!



We are currently reaching into Monrovia communities to determine the status of children orphaned by the Ebola Outbreak.  Recent reports show that there are 1,000 Ebola-related Orphans (children whose parents or primiary care-givers were killed by Ebola) in the Monrovia-area alone.  Our early findings seem to confirm that many of the children have been taken in by surviving extended family, but are without basic daily necessities – sufficient food, water, clothing, and education.  We will continue to find the best ways possible to support these orphans and their extended families attempting to care for them.



LEAP is currently in the process of acquiring land and expertise to develop agriculture projects which will feed surrounding communities, create vital career skills, and economic opportunities in the market sales of produce.  More news to come!